HaiVE Pioneers the Way for AI Standards in Tamil Nadu: A Meeting with the Secretary of State for IT

In a significant move towards the responsible and robust use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), HaiVE’s Co-Founder & CEO Deepika and Co-Founder & CTO Aravinth recently met with Kumaragurubaran IAS, the Secretary of State for Information Technology. The meeting took place at the historic Fort St. George, which houses the Tamil Nadu Government Secretariat.   HaiVE submits a proposal to government for ai standards body formation The purpose of this meeting was to officially submit HaiVE’s proposal to establish a standards body for AI within the government of Tamil Nadu. This initiative underscores the importance of both government and private entities using AI according to their own standards and discretion, while also ensuring accountability, security, and robustness. AI is a transformative technology with the potential to scale companies, streamline governance, and uplift the livelihoods of individuals. However, its rapid evolution and widespread application necessitate a framework of standards to ensure its ethical and secure use. This is where the proposed standards body comes in. By creating a standards body in collaboration with industry insiders like HaiVE, the government can ensure that AI is developed and used in a way that aligns with the best interests of the public and the state. This body would provide guidelines for AI use, ensuring that it is used responsibly and ethically, while also promoting innovation and growth. The integration of AI into every aspect of governance and individual use is not a distant future, but a rapidly approaching reality. From healthcare and education to transportation and public services, AI has the potential to revolutionize how we live and work. However, this future must be navigated with care, ensuring that the benefits of AI are reaped while mitigating potential risks. The meeting between HaiVE’s founders and the Secretary of State for IT is a significant step towards this future. By advocating for a standards body for AI, they are not only promoting the responsible use of this powerful technology but also paving the way for Tamil Nadu to become a leader in AI governance. As we move forward, it is crucial to remember that AI is a tool. Like any tool, its value lies in how it is used. With the right standards in place, AI can be a force for good, driving growth, innovation, and prosperity for all.

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