Groundbreaking AI-Powered Virtual Agent Handles 2 Million Inquiries for DNB Bank in 2022

In a remarkable technological feat, DNB Bank, a prominent Nordic financial institution, has leveraged the prowess of conversational AI platform,, to tackle an astounding 2 million internal inquiries in the year 2022. The bank’s internal virtual agent, aptly named ‘Juno’, has emerged as a formidable force, rendering assistance to a staggering 1,200 users on a daily basis. 

DNB Bank boasts an impressive fleet of five virtual agents, serving diverse customer and employee-facing use cases.

AI-Powered Virtual Agent

The introduction of Juno in March 2020 signified a pioneering initiative aimed at enhancing the efficiency of customer service agents and advisors. This virtuoso bot equipped the bank’s agents with the ability to swiftly access crucial routines imperative for delivering unparalleled customer assistance. Furthermore, Juno expedited response times by enabling agents to swiftly locate essential information pertinent to customer inquiries. 

Juno’s exceptional capabilities are propelled by the innovative filtering functionality ingrained within the platform. This novel feature empowers a solitary virtual agent to cater to myriad business units, obviating the need for individual standalone bots for each unit. Leveraging the power of filtering, Juno masterfully crafts tailored responses, ensuring that agents receive distinctive, department-specific information rather than generic replies. User feedback has also played a pivotal role in honing Juno’s capabilities, with users providing valuable input to enhance functionality at an astonishing rate of 16 times per day. 

Juno’s vast knowledge encompasses over 3,400 topics, meticulously customized to suit the requirements of seven distinct areas within DNB Bank, encompassing both Corporate Banking and the Private Market. Impressively, among the 2.1 million inquiries addressed in 2022, Juno successfully furnished a valid answer to an astounding 83%. This virtuoso virtual agent effectively answered an average of 7 questions per user per day, with some conversations extending up to a prodigious duration of 8 hours. 

DNB Bank’s fruitful collaboration with has spanned multiple years, resulting in the development and launch of an extensive virtual agent suite. The bank’s customer-facing virtual agent, Aino, proved to be a revelation, boasting over 10,000 fully automated daily customer interactions and expertly addressing a comprehensive range of 2,500 topics right from its inception. Within a mere 8 weeks, Aino was operational, automating over 50% of incoming chat traffic within a short span of six months and engaging with over a million customers thus far. The bank’s other virtual agents, including Hugo, Fix, and Justina, have been instrumental in assisting employees with HR-related queries, managing incoming IT service desk inquiries, and providing legal guidance, respectively. 

DNB Bank’s Head of Emerging Technology, Jan Thomas Lerstein, lauded the transformative impact of Juno, emphasizing that the virtual agent transcends conventional chat services, serving as an application in its own right. Sanjeev Kumar, VP of EMEA at, commended DNB Bank’s forward-thinking approach and stressed the revolutionary potential of conversational AI, not only enhancing customer service but also bolstering internal productivity. Virtual agents, according to Kumar, possess the capacity to streamline customer service operations from both the customer and employee perspective, emerging as indispensable digital allies for internal employees. 

The awe-inspiring accomplishments of DNB Bank and its formidable virtual agents demonstrate the indomitable power of conversational AI, revolutionizing the customer experience while unlocking exciting new opportunities for staff to channel their skills and creativity toward more engaging endeavors. 

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